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We think Bitcoin is one of the most important things happening now both for humanity collectively and for individual people.

For the past 5 years we've probably onboarded thousands of people directly to Bitcoin and tens of thousands indirectly. Many friends now work in the space and even run Bitcoin companies.

But we haven't done a good job of tracking this work. This means, that even with the success we've had, we aren't doing as a good a job as we could be. We also believe there's incredible value missed by not sharing this work with the community.

For the next 16 weeks we'll be working to onboard as many people as possible to Bitcoin. Number of people onboarded will be our key metric.

We'll start off with a big push the first two weeks and work hard to improve on that baseline and iterate our process each succeeding week.

We love onboarding people to Bitcoin. Few things compare to the glee and profound joy that come from initiating a first-timer.

But that's not all. We're doing this to address a problem.

Too often people are presented with the wrong reasons for adopting Bitcoin and that's bad for all of us because, we've found, they're less likely to adopt Bitcoin and even when they do, they're less likely to be an effective participant in the community.

Even when the intentionality is right, there are psychological and logistical roadblocks in the process of Bitcoin adoption and in order to realize the dream and the promise of Bitcoin, we'll need to get past them.

We believe Bitcoin was built to liberate humanity from an unjust and antiquated system not just to "update" money. The problem is not that the money we use today was not made for the Internet. The problem, is that the money we use today is in conflict with our values . . .

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Kinnard Hockenhull
Founder + CEO,

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